Nice to see you here. This is my place to try ideas to see if they can survive in the wild. It’s a mix of short-form essays and really, really short-form thoughts.

About Me.

I am a writer, producer, and director. Father of three children. Married to a fierce goddess. Advocate for the Oxford comma. Santa Monica, CA is my home. I was born in New York City. I still miss it sometimes. But it’s been Southern California since 1988.

I’m the founder and podcast producer at Red Cup Agency. We produce interview, narrative, and audio drama podcasts. I’m a cofounder of the FutureX Network, a distributor of futurist podcasts and futurist thought.

I post 500-word essays, usually thematically connected, at 500 Words.

I keep up a stream of chatter on Twitter.

What the Tags Mean.

When you hit “archive” in the menu you’ll be presented with a listing of all posts grouped by tag.

Posts tagged writing are essays that I enjoy writing as though I am going to the gym. They’re a quick workout on a treadmill but without the treadmill.

Posts tagged 500Words are a special breed of 500-word essay that I also post over on 500 Words. When they are numbered, they are part of a series. You can get them as a newsletter.

Posts tagged activism are related to podcasts or books I’m working on. I work out new ideas here to see if they can survive in the wild.

Posts tagged podcasting are announcements about new shows I’m producing.

Posts tagged research are ideas that haven’t found a project yet but need to be road-tested anyway.

Thanks for reading.

Lee Schneider