Hello. Nice to see you here. This is my public notebook, the place to try ideas to see if they can survive in the wild. It’s a mix of short-form fiction, shorter-form essays, and very short-form thoughts. I post newsletters and blogs here. It’s loose by design, so don’t expect order. I offer you some color coding to help out: a yellow highlight signals a story, a newsletter, or something long-form-ish. Orange is for short entries.


I am a writer, producer, and director. I produce podcasts now but have a long history in television. Father of three, married to a goddess. Santa Monica, CA is my home. I was born in New York City.

I’m the founder and project lead at Red Cup Agency. We work on interview, narrative, and audio drama podcasts. Subscribe to my newsletter The Waveform for a combination of company news and thoughts about audio production.


I post short-form fiction at 500 Words.

I’m a cofounder of the FutureX Network, a distributor of futurist podcasts and amplifier of futurist thought.


I am mostly off social media these days and mostly posting here at micro.blog. I used to write for the iconic cartoon ThunderCats, Good Morning America, and was a producer on DatelineNBC but only two of those things are related.


When you hit “archive” in the menu you’ll be presented with a listing of all posts grouped by tag.

Posts tagged writing are essays usually quickly produced.

Posts tagged 500Words are a special breed of 500-word essay that I also post over on 500 Words. When they are numbered, they are part of a series. You will soon be able to subscribe to them.

Posts tagged newsletters are part of The Waveform, a newsletter about podcast production. You can sign up to follow the newsletter for free.

Posts tagged activism are related to podcasts or books I’m working on.

Thanks for reading.

Lee Schneider

(c) Lee Schneider 2021. Made in Santa Monica, CA. Take care of each other.